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Join the Digital Nordic Roundtable Dialogue

Join us on Thursday 28th May at 10.30am CEST for a digital roundtable dialogue between leading experts from around the Nordics as we discuss how to overcome the policy challenges for Nordic Wood in Construction post COVID-19. 

To enable the continuation of pan-Nordic knowledge exchange and the discovery of common solutions, we are hosting a roundtable event to bring together five experts from across the Nordic region, including policymakers, academics and industry representatives, with a Nordic parliamentarian acting as a keynote listener to take the outputs of the discussion straight back to the decision-making level. 

The session will be used to gather data for a forthcoming Nordic Council policy insight publication, examining challenges and opportunities for increasing wood in construction in the Nordics. Additionally, we hope to compile a series of tangible recommendations that can be presented to the Nordic Council of Ministers for housing and construction in the Autumn.

Audience members will be able to submit questions to the panel, and the session shall be recorded and available to watch at a later time.


  • Catharina Winberg – Sweden
    • Chairman of the Board, Växjö Kommunföretag
  • Aasmund Bunkholt – Norway
    • Managing Director, TreFokus
  • Harpa Birgisdottir – Denmark
    • Senior Researcher, Built Environment Department at Aalborg University
  • Petri Heino – Finland
    • Program Director, Wood Building Program of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment
  • Jens Erneholt – Sweden
    • Product Manager, Sizes

Chaired by:

  • Mads Randbøll Wolff – Denmark
    • Chair of the Board, Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat


10.30am - Introductions and snapshot of policy developments from around the Nordics 

10.50am - Topic one

  • What are the current barriers across the Nordics that are preventing greater uptake in low-carbon construction? How can policy be changed to address this, or in lieu of that, what are the workarounds?
  • Q&A and formulating next steps

11.10am - Topic two

  • Taking a wider view, how can we create a better environment for low-carbon construction, through competency building, R&D and marketing and advocacy?
    • Where are the knowledge gaps in the Nordics, and how can we work collaboratively to close those gaps?
  • Q&A and formulating next steps

11.30am - Topic three

  • How can the sector best respond to the COVID-19 crisis, to not only manage the recovery, and maximise a shift to sustainable construction. This is a time for step change, not just in economic recovery, but also in ways of working and teaching.
    • What has the impact of the crisis been on the Nordic construction sector? What about retraining and upskilling those unemployed by the crisis? How can we make shared educational/training resources available across the Nordic region?
  • Q&A and formulating next steps

11.50am - Reflections from the keynote listener, a Nordic Council Parliamentarian.

12pm - Discussion ends

n.b. all times are in CEST (Denmark/Sweden/Norway)

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The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.