Building Green CPH

At the end of October, architects, contractors, suppliers gathered alongside municipalities, researchers and property developers for Building Green Copenhagen, and wood in construction was high on the agenda.

Amongst the many exhibitors showcasing sustainable solutions in the construction industry were a great number of solutions for using wood in construction. The highlights of the two-day event however, were to be heard in the dialogues and presentations on the main stage and surrounding break-out areas. Here is a quick run down of our top three from Building Green CPH.

1. Growing from the roots up

Andrew Waugh of Waugh Architects, one of the UK’s foremost architects working with wood opened the conference. He shared some reflections on the “awful, messy nightmare” that the construction industry can be. For Waugh, building in wood has opened the door to a better alternative. He explained that most of his clients don’t ask specifically for wooden buildings, but that when he presents the business case for using wood, the time and cost savings are proving to be too attractive for developers to turn down. Andrew’s projects are now growing in ambition from the roots up with bespoke, modular pre-fabricated buildings that can be scaled up and up. He ended with a powerful call for a construction revolution: to build healthy, beautiful, repeatable and low-carbon, build in wood.

2. Hot Topic

In a panel debate organised by InnoBYG, experts focused on the hot topic of fire in wooden buildings. Whilst many in the crowd voiced concerns on fire safety, the panel was quick to speak from experience in reassuring that under fire, wood retains its structural integrity and burns in a very predictable way - crucial for firefighters. That predictability is key when comparing to concrete and steel buildings, as steel where steel can explode without warning in a fire. The big take away was that in the Nordics, the regulatory playing field needs levelling for wood, to treat buildings based on their function, not their construction material.

3. Forest on Wood

Stefano Boeri, the legendary architect behind Milan’s vertical forest, showcased one of our favourite projects at Building Green. He’s designing something special in Paris - the world’s first combination of wooden structure and vertical forest. The 54-meter Forêt blanche tower will have a wooden structure, but be clad with over 2000 trees, shrubs and plants - equivalent to a hectare of forest. You can read more about the project here.




The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.