Finding a second life for construction industry’s wooden waste

TrÆls uses waste streams of wood to upcycle furniture for sale and rent with a product as a service model, preventing wood from slipping down the value chain after its first use.

Developed by: TreÆls

The construction industry is responsible for around a third of all the waste we produce, often due to poor forethought on how materials can be reused at the decommissioning stage. Wood from the construction industry often slips down the value chain, and quickly finds itself burned for bioenergy where the stored carbon is released into the atmosphere. However in Jutland, the Danish firm TrÆls sees only opportunity in the construction industry’s wooden waste. Founded in 2015, it is totally focused on it’s part in the circular economy by upcycling wooden waste into new in- and outdoor furniture for sale and rent, keeping waste wood higher in the value chain for longer.

TrÆls source wood and other materials from the demolition of old buildings, and ties these resources with Danish design and traditional craftsmanship to create bespoke products and furniture. The carpenters then use a reverse design process that first assesses the available materials and then designs the products to match. TrÆls is championing products as a service, with a rental system running alongside their sales business, that massively improves the utilisation of each piece of upcycled wooden furniture and removes the need for clients to worry about storage between uses. In a bid to continue traceability of products into wood’s ‘second-life’, TrÆls has created an online system to track products from their source to final use.


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  • innovation benifits title: ECONOMIC
  • innovation benifits text: Turning wood waste from the construction industry into tables, benches, exhibition spaces and art installations and more prolongs the life and increases the economic value of the natural resource.
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  • partnership benifits title: ENVIRONMENT
  • partnership benifits text: The construction industry produces around 2 tons of waste per person every year in the EU, and by finding a second use for the industry’s wood waste, TrÆls is contributing to a more sustainable and circular model.
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  • economic benifits title: PARTNERSHIPS
  • economic benifits text: TrÆls work with partners in the construction industry to source materials that would otherwise have gone to waste, and have teamed up with Hedensted Municipality to run a project to help businesses work more with the circular economy.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.