Wood from the bottom to the top

Skipet  will be one of Norway’s first office buildings built in solid wood, which continues Bergen’s proud tradition of wooden buildings.

Skipet, Developed by: GC Rieber and Paal J Kahrs architects

Situated only a few hundred meters from what was formerly the world’s highest timber construction, the wood construction named ‘Skipet’ (The Ship) is building on the city of Bergen’s reputation as home for innovative wooden buildings. The building is inspired by the shape of a ship with its elongated design.


The building is designed and planned to be classified as BREEAM Excellent, the highest rating available, and will have solar panels installed at the roof, cooling system utilising the water from the nearby inlet and second-life car batteries in the basement to even out the demand for electricity from the grid.

In collaboration with Innovation Norway, a feasibility study was conducted for the use of solid wood in the building. It will be one of the first office buildings in Norway to be built in solid wood. The cross-laminated timber and glulam will be delivered from the newly established factory in Norway, thereby reducing the need for transporting the wood long distances. The factory is using wood from the Norwegian forests. The wooden structures are exposed in large parts of the building both externally and internally. And emphasis is placed on showing that an environmentally conscious choice has been made when using wood.


The five-storey high and 14,270m2 large office building will comprise of wood from the very first floor, which is unusual for wood constructions – often concrete is used for the first floor. The use of solid wood coincides with the objectives of the municipal green strategy.



  • innovation benifits icon: innovation benifits icon
  • innovation benifits title: INNOVATION
  • innovation benifits text: Using wood from the ground floor and up is a relative unused procedure, which showcases new innovative ways of building wood constructions.
  • partnership benifits icon: partnership benifits icon
  • partnership benifits title: PARTNERSHIPS
  • partnership benifits text: The developers did a feasibility study in collaboration with the Norwegian Government’s Innovation Norway to test if it would be viable to build the office building using massive timber.
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  • economic benifits title: SOCIAL & LOCAL
  • economic benifits text: The project is making use of wooden elements produced in Norway with wood from local forests. This not only an environmental benefit, but also boosts local workplaces and economy.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.