Circular in design and materials

As an example on what is possible today for planning and constructing a sustainable building, Valla Berså has just been completed - where wood symbolises a truly sustainable apartment building.

Valla Berså, Developed by: Winell Jern Arkitekter & Lindstén Fastigheter

Situated close to the center of Lindköbing, the newly completed five-storey apartment building Valla Berså is the very first apartment block made from CLT in Linköbing. The building has set out to demonstrate the potential for wood to pair bold architectural ambitions with high sustainability standards in apartment buildings.


In fact, sustainability is the cornerstone of this building, which has been designed to be nearly zero-energy by utilizing both solar panels for generating electricity and geothermal energy for heating and cooling. Mobility has also been brought into the design, as a shared electric car pool is included in the rent and attractive bicycle facilities are available for all people living at the 69 rental apartments of Valla Berså.


1,800m3 of Swedish wood was used to complete the building, storing 1,440 tons of carbon. The wooden elements were delivered by a factory located 700km away from the site, where tight coordination between the on-site team and the factory resulted in fast and efficient construction process. Exposed wood is emphasised in the design, with ash wood flooring adding  to the natural feel of the building. The building was built without any weather protection at the construction sitea rather novel methodology for wood construction.


The architects opted for a circular design of the building, which whilst bringing new challenges, delivers twice as much workable area as rectangular design. The use of wood, paired with efficient energy design delivers significant environmental benefits and is set to be awarded Silver under the Swedish Miljöbyggnad certification.


  • innovation benifits icon: innovation benifits icon
  • innovation benifits title: ENVIRONMENT
  • innovation benifits text: The building uses 1,800m3 of wood, which represents 1,440 tons of embedded carbon. The building will also be fitted with solar panels and the geoenergy to warm and cool the building.
  • partnership benifits icon: partnership benifits icon
  • partnership benifits title: INNOVATION
  • partnership benifits text: The design of Valla Berså has been optimized regarding energy usage, both in the construction and in the operational phase. Using innovative design and materials has enabled the building to be nearly zero-energy.
  • economic benifits Icon: economic benifits Icon
  • economic benifits title: SOCIAL & LOCAL
  • economic benifits text: The entire building is being build to use as little energy as possible, both inside the building, but also how the tenants are moving around in Linköbing, as there will be access to a shared car fleet included in the rent and biking facilities in the building.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.