Wave-layered timber makes a splash in Finland’s wooden construction sector

Glue-free wave-layered timber is a major innovation that reduces costs of building with wood through a focus on simplicity and flexibility.

Wave-layered timber, Developed by: Aalto Haitek

Many wooden construction materials rely on adhesives to keep them together, but a new system designed by Aalto Haitek in Finland is out to change that. Wave-layered timber (WLT) is a glue-free building system that utilises the strength of the wave shape to lock together self-tightening components. The system has flexibility and simplicity at its heart, and creates extremely strong structures that can be built rapidly without the need for adhesives, nails, chemicals or toxins, opening new opportunities for architects to flex their creative muscles with wood in construction. The goal is to scale the technology to a global market, with licencing soon available. 

A pilot project, Pinewood B&B, is underway in Mäntsälä in Finland, where architects and owners are realising the full benefits of the WLT system. WLT’s simplicity keeps the construction costs low, whilst its design allows for natural heating and cooling systems that reduce the building’s energy consumption. The modular construction allows components to be dis- and reassembled multiple times, for reuse in different contexts, enhancing the lifespan of the products. In this pilot, the WLT is being paired with clay and bio-based insulation for an entirely natural construction, and the project is partnering with an academic research project into WLT.


  • innovation benifits icon: innovation benifits icon
  • innovation benifits title: INNOVATION
  • innovation benifits text: The WLT system secured its patents in 2018, and has strong potential to scale into the market and reduce the cost of building sustainable, healthy, durable, beautiful wooden buildings.
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  • partnership benifits title: PARTNERSHIPS
  • partnership benifits text: As well as working closely between the WLT producers, architects and the municipality, the project is also partnering up with an academic research project to gather data and make improvements to the WLT system going forward.
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  • economic benifits title: SOCIAL & LOCAL
  • economic benifits text: By removing the need for adhesives, WLT allows the shortening of the supply chain from forest to construction site, improving efficiency and allowing more use of local materials in the building process.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.