Timber trade revolutionised with new digital platform

Kuutio is the world’s first publicly open digital marketplace for timber trade, linking forest owners and wood buyers, which traded over €500 million of wood in its first year and a half of operation.

Kuutio, Developed by: Suomen Puukauppa Oy

In Finland, there are over 600,000 private forest owners, from large established land managers to new and inexperienced small owners. Bringing them together with buyers and timber professionals is Kuutio: the world’s first digital marketplace for trading timber trade that is open to all. The platform was set up to benefit all stakeholders in the forestry industry through a dive into the digital world. For buyers like sawmills, Kuutio can give them access to new and bespoke supply options and improve their operations’ efficiency. For forest owners, the platform is free to use and gives them easy access to the market and connections to forestry professionals who can help them in timber trade and other services. This is especially useful for new and inexperienced forest owners – who make up 40% of the platform’s sellers.


In the first year and a half of operation, Kuutio had enabled 20,000 forest users to trade more than 13 million cubic meters of wood worth over €500 million. The platform is optimising the supply chain for wood in construction, as demand from the buyers can be met more precisely with supply of bespoke to-measure-timber, reducing waste in the sector. As well as private owners, Kuutio is also used by forestry management associations who conduct timber trade on behalf of their members. As the platform grows, the developers are listening to the needs of the users, and constantly updating features and adding new services to match demand.


  • innovation benifits icon: innovation benifits icon
  • innovation benifits title: INNOVATION
  • innovation benifits text: The platform uses national data on forest resources to improve the effectiveness of the sector, helping both buyers and sellers to reap the benefits of the digital revolution.
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  • partnership benifits title: PARTNERSHIP
  • partnership benifits text: Kuutio uses digital technology to link buyers and sellers of wood more closely to optimise their operations, and ownership of the platform is split 50:50 between buyers and sellers.
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  • economic benifits title: ECONOMIC
  • economic benifits text: Kuutio gives smaller and inexperienced forest owners access to huge new markets, and in the first year and a half of operation was responsible for more than €500 million of wood trade.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.