Digital forestry revolution helps to see the wood from the trees

Metsä Group is using new technology to gather and utilise an unprecedented amount of forest data to drive intelligent felling and planting practices, that leads to improved efficiency up the 100% traceable supply chain.

Developed by: Metsä Group

Digital technology was once seen as a threat to the forestry sector, but now its integration into daily forest practices is helping to cut costs and enable smarter, more responsibly forestry. Metsä Group in Finland, with 104,000 forest-owning members, is at the forefront of a digital revolution in forestry. As each tree becomes a data point, through remote mapping that uses satellites, lasers and drones, it is possible to know far more about the forest than ever before. But data alone is only the start, and Metsä is increasingly incorporating it into tools that are useful to forest owners and managers as well as wood processors and buyers.


Utilising this new data through applicable tools brings new level of precision to felling and planting of trees, matching supply to demand further up the supply chain. This is made possible through a 100% traceable process, where tagging allows all wood in Metsä’s supply chain to be traced from forest through the sawmill and processing plants to end products. Digitalisation also helps to protect forest ecosystems, with more information at hand for forest managers about forest health and when it’s necessary to visit and fell sites. Transportation can also be optimised to meet felling patterns, which reduces emissions from operations and saves costs for all involved.



  • innovation benifits icon: innovation benifits icon
  • innovation benifits title: SOCIAL & LOCAL
  • innovation benifits text: One in seven Finns own some forest, and new digital and virtual tools are enabling them to manage their resource more efficiently, and even to visit their forests virtually from their own home.
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  • partnership benifits title: ENVIRONMENTAL
  • partnership benifits text: The integration of useful data into forest regeneration projects means that felled areas can be replanted in the most effective ways, speeding up new forests’ growth and increasing carbon sequestration.
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  • economic benifits title: ECONOMIC
  • economic benifits text: As digital tools vastly improve efficiency of forestry work, it is estimated that 10% of operating costs can be reduced – savings that can bring down the cost of wooden construction materials in the future.

The Nordic Wood in Construction Secretariat is hosted by EIT Climate-KIC

The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.